What are the Imperative Life lessons from spiritual Gurbani artists?

Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa
4 min readDec 21, 2021


Today, Nature is a terrific teacher of incredibly valuable life lessons for living a happy and worthwhile life. Through its varied manifestations, it communicates with you. A Gurbani artist aids in deciphering Nature’s priceless lessons. Nature aids you in developing compassion and inner harmony, according to Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa. It also instructs you on assisting others in leading more fulfilling lives. The underlying cause of all-natural events is the interplay of five classical elements that is air, water, fire, earth, and akasha. Consider some of the social, ethical, and spiritual truths these might teach you. So let’s look at some of the imperative life lessons from the spiritual Gurbani artists.

Power of Love:

Gurbani artist preached and penned a number of poems about how only those who have loved can achieve Divinity. They are sincere devotees who feel that God is indescribable and has no marks, color, or caste. God is not a human being and can be found in all living things. Spiritual Gurbani artists always saw salvation as a result of Love for God and creation.

Sacrifice and Cleanliness:

Water is essential for survival, whether plant, animal, or conscious life. It is a sign of cleanliness and clarity. Cleaning is an important virtue in Sikh theology, and all Sikhs must bathe before entering to seek blessings. Water teaches you the virtues of cleanliness of the body and purity of the mind, according to Manvir Singh Leamington.

Serve humanity:

Gurbani artist dedicated their life to ensuring the happiness of others and made numerous sacrifices to do so. They lived by the concept of service before self, believing that helping others should be done with whatever means possible. Picking up the firearm should be a last resort, but if it is necessary, one should do so without hesitation.

Be Humble:

Best Gurbani artists saw themselves as God’s servant and resented everyone who thought of it as such. They never shied away from admitting that they only became a Guru due to the faith of those who believed in and otherwise, countless unknown mortals in the world deserved the same honor.

Be Mindful of your speech:

Gurbani artists advised their disciples always to be extra cautious and courteous when communicating to people because of the power of words. They issued a particular hukum prohibiting a man from cursing or abusing their wife verbally. Gurbani artist was opposed to all forms of gossip and urged people not to slander or speak ill of others, even in private. They also urged people to avoid making false statements and always keep their promises.


Continue to be amused. Making people laugh gives you so much pleasure because, if anything, laughing resembles Love. Do you notice how when someone laughs with you, the barrier between you both seems to disappear? A beautiful friendship can start with laughter. A grieving heart can be soothed by laughter. Laughter has the power to transport you back in time. So, deepen your laughter.


Nowadays, it is not easy to find some peace. You may be alone, yet your social media feeds allow you to communicate with hundreds of individuals. Have you ever felt depleted afterward or found yourself spiraling downward with negative thoughts? To function authentically, you require genuine calm and quiet. Even if many people are seated in front of you, there is a sense of calm. Self-help advocates can produce best-selling books on the subject, but your loved Gurubani artist had known about it long before it became fashionable. Your day is determined by how you spend the first two hours after you wake up. The Quiet is journaling, meditation, and exercise are just a few ways to impact the space between input and response.


When you take a position, remember that your community supports you. Let you remember where you came from and how many hands and hearts molded you to get this far when you succeed. Let be modest enough to acknowledge those who have provided you with the education, privilege, and opportunities to get to where you are now as you develop.


You will become Light when you go at a low speed. Life, on the other hand, is challenging. Your loved ones and you don’t always agree. In comparison to your peers, you have a unique perspective on things. It is what distinguishes you from the respite of the pack. Accepting that you bring wrath, hostility, and misery to the eyes of others is difficult. But keep in mind that you, and no one else, are totally responsible for your words and actions. You can choose to travel light and authentically.

Bottom Line:

Finally, Nature is a powerful force that instructs you on having a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling existence. Gurbani artist teaches you to take pleasure in Nature while being grateful for everything you have. As a result, the best lessons you can learn from Nature are equality and unconditional Love.



Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa

Bhai Manvir Singh Ji is a spiritual Gurbani artist in the UK. He has a keen interest in Gurbani reading, Shabad Kirtan, Sikh philosophy, and history.