Bhagat Sheikh Farid Ji Story From from Sikh History By Manvir Singh UK

Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa
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Baba Farid Ji’s mother, Bibi Mariam, said to her son when he was very young, “ O my son, do Simran (meditate on the Lord).” Like any innocent child, Baba Farid Ji asked, “ Ma, If I do Simran, what will I get in return?”. His mother replied, “ to the people who make Simran, God gives them sweets to eat.”

Children are attracted to eating sweets and love to eat them. Baba Farid Ji crossed his legs, closed his eyes, and made Simran. His mother would put some candy in a bowl and put it in front of him. Baba Farid Ji opened his eyes after doing Simran and saw the sweets in front of him. “Look ma, God has given me sweets to eat.” Then he happily ate the sweets and his mother looked at him and smiled.

Manvir Singh Khalsa told students that Baba Farid Ji was eager to make Simran and be rewarded with sweets by God. For a while, he kept making Simran and his mother always put candy in front of him and when he closed his eyes so that when he opened them he could eat them.

But one day, Baba Farid Ji, opened his eyes and did not look at the sweets. He did not eat the sweets, but he still looked happy and content. His mother asked him, “ well, today you have not eaten the sweets that God has given you.” Baba Farid Ji replied, “ Oh, Ma, once you taste God’s name, all the other sweets in the world will taste tasteless.”

Farida, sakar khand nivaath gur, maakiyau maanjhaa dudh. Sabhey vastoo miteeyaa(n) rab naa pujan tudh…’

Farid: sugarcane, candy, sugar, molasses, honey, buffalo milk –all these are sweet, but not like you (Waheguru) ‘(Ang 1379, SGGS).

When we praise Baba Farid Ji, we always admire his mother. Sweets giving little incentive Baba Farid Ji given a blessing to see.

Manvir Singh UK says, Do today’s mothers give their children sweets? Yes, yes! Mothers give their children various kinds of sweet and sweet foods three times a day.

But today’s mothers do not say,
“If you wake up early and say ‘Waheguru’ and going for sleeping, say ‘Waheguru, then I will give you candy.”
“First say” Fateh” to your grandparents and then I will give you your sweets.»
“I will give you sweets if you come with me to do Gurdwara and do sewa in Gurdwara.”



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