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Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa
3 min readNov 24, 2021

No matter the method of practice, place of worship, and religion, spirituality will play an important role in everyone’s life. Spirituality will often take a brief account into the belief of a higher power or something greater than yourself. It can help to boost your health and well beings, whether you are facing illness or caring for someone. Here are some benefits of spirituality on well beings and your health.

Enhance your ability:

When you give up to the god or the high power, you can easily control your actions. And that has a positive effect on your health and well beings, including your cognitive abilities. According to Manvir Singh Khalsa, following the spiritual life, you can relax and never get distracted by negative thoughts. Your blood pressure levels will go down, and it improves the blood flow to your brain. By this process, your memory gets better and your thinking becomes clearer.

Stronger immune system:

The immune system is most important to fight off the viral and bacterial bugs in your body and the chronic infections, which can sometimes be life-threatening. Since stress can tweak the havoc on your immune system, so you should find a way to lower stress levels. According to Bhai Manvir Singh, spirituality can deliver a sense of well-being, flooding your brain with immune-boosting hormones. In addition, spirituality can make your immune system supercharge the entire body, and it is incredibly healing whether you are under stress or trying to prevent illness.

Improve self-confidence and fitness:

Being a part of a spiritual community or having a close community will help you to boost self-confidence and mental outlook. It can also lead you to take better care of yourself. Practicing physical activities like taking a walk in a beautiful park or participating in meditation or yoga will be your spiritual exercise. It will pump oxygen into your blood and help to increase the blood flow. While simultaneously, it will elevate your mood and reduce your blood pressure.

Prevention of depression risk:

Isolation is the major reason for having depression, but spirituality and organized religion encouraged in family and community will be your best medicine. Being involved or volunteering in a community group of spirituality provides social support that can reduce your risk for depression. There is a common human inclination to be stuck but reminisce about the happier and stronger time in life by spirituality. If you are following the spiritual practices in daily life, you will surely benefit both physically and mentally.

Reduced risk of diseases:

Will spirituality reduce your risk of diseases? The positive feeling associated with your spirituality will lower your stress levels and provide a significant impact on your lifestyle choices. Impairing immunity and often stress can be associated with increased blood pressure. If you are left unchecked, hypertension will lead you to a host of life-altering events as stroke or heart disease.

The bottom line:

Finally, having emotional help and spirituality will ensure you face the challenges in life. Thus you should follow spirituality in daily life to get the benefits mentioned above. And finding the correct spiritual community can assist you in leading a comfortable and healthy life.



Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa

Bhai Manvir Singh Ji is a spiritual Gurbani artist in the UK. He has a keen interest in Gurbani reading, Shabad Kirtan, Sikh philosophy, and history.